Discolored Carpet Restoration

The yellow stains that appear in carpets can be the by-product that can come from a lot of reasons. Furnace and fireplaces are more likely the main culprits of carpet stains for the ashes they emit that damages the carpet. Liquid spills and pet excretion can also be the cause of carpet damage due to stains.

Among the best solutions being used to treat stained carpets include acid rinse. Being exposed to acid can affect the natural color of the carpet. Carpets will return to their former color once our carpet technicians have started their restoration process with their specialized tools.

Your carpets will be free from the most stubborn and fade patches once treated by our carpet masters. With their efficiency and total commitment to providing the best services to clients, you can rest assure that you get what's worth every penny you're spending for your carpeting.

If have are experiencing any issues regarding carpet stains, call us and we will do the work for you.

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